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Marketing is the answer

If your question is how to increase sales and profitability or recruit supporters, marketing is the answer.

Marketing fills the funnel that feeds your sales. It builds relationships with your customers and anticipates their needs.

Done right, marketing will grow your business.

Deliver better customer service with 50North marine marketing


We will help you make it easy for customers to give you their business.

We do this by helping you understand your customers, improving their experiences online and in real life. Benchmarking against competitors, training your team and setting customer service standards.

Communicate effectively with 50North marine marketing


We will help you grow your profile and be seen and heard by the right people at the right time.

We do this by helping you navigate the ocean of communications choices – web, social, events, advertising, press, print and digital. Strategy and planning, media relations, campaign delivery. Exhibitions and events.

Compelling content and copywriting with 50North marine marketing


We will help you grow sales, sign-ups and loyalty with engaging stories relevant to your customers.

We do this by telling your story, writing compelling copy. Creating customer endorsements, case studies and interviews. Words and pictures, design and content. Digital and print.

Create a valuable and authentic brand with 50North marine marketing


We will help you grow your business by embedding your values in everything you do.

We do this by helping you to understand what makes your business unique and authentic. Visual identity, rebranding, brand values, key messages and tone of voice.

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