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Red ensign and motorboat wake
Are you easy?

Making yourself available to customers Last weekend I went boating. Me and about 100,000 other people. The Solent was packed, Poole Harbour was packed. Chichester Harbour was packed. Boats heading eas…

Chargemetric installation
Media coverage for Chargemetrix

When innovative start-up Chargemetrix wanted to launch their remote battery monitoring system for boats, they turned to 50North Marketing. Like all new companies, Chargemetrix had a very tight budget …

barrista coffee
What’s the point of coffee?

Don’t kill the experience. All through lockdown, I’ve been looking forward to the small things, like having a coffee. Going to the pub. A meal out. Nothing flash, just little pleasures. Th…

Chargemetrix logo
New remote battery monitor

Isle of Wight-based innovation company Chargemetrix launches a unique automatic remote monitoring system for 12-volt batteries. Ideal for boats, Chargemetrix delivers real-time remote reporting on bat…


Boot Dusseldorf is now the biggest boat show in the world. On display is a mind-boggling array of ways to get on and in the water, from scuba diving to superyachts, plus every accessory you’ll n…

Telescope looking into the mist
This year, I learned a lot

My motto is ‘every day’s a school day’ (along with ‘how hard can it be’, but that’s another story). By this, I mean that there’s always an opportunity to lear…

B2B and B2C
H2H, not B2B or B2C

Marketing is full of acronyms. Two that may be past their prime are B2B and B2C (and their child B2B2C). B2B is Business-to-Business and refers to companies selling to other companies, for instance, c…

Boy eating an ice cream

It’s not a typo, and although Google Translate thinks it’s Welsh, it’s not that either. DWYSYD is the easiest way to build trust with customers, with your team and even in your priva…


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