Your virtual marketing department

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Your virtual marketing department

50North is your virtual marketing department, providing all the strategic, technical and creative input you need when you need it.

An extra pair of hands to get you through a busy period, or specialist skills to support your team.

The best place to start is at the end

Start with what your goal, what want to achieve – increase in sales, entering a new market, number of new customers – and together we’ll work out how to get there.

To achieve your goals may be straightforward or not. Maybe you need a new website, press coverage, social media campaign, rebranding, customer service training, advertising, copywriting or design work. Or maybe not.

There’s no point in doing anything (especially if it costs) unless it gets you to your goal. Activity has to have a purpose.

Yacht crew working with 50North Marketing

How we work

You choose how we work together. We can work remotely or embedded in your office. On a one-off project, or a couple of days a week, every week. See our FAQs.

Cost and value with 50North Marketing.

The $6m question

Cost depends upon what you want to achieve, your budget and timeframe. We charge by the day with a discount for retainers and ongoing work.

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