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50North marketing services FAQs

Common questions about marketing services and business development support from 50North. For an impartial chat, drop us a line.

Can you help me to make more sales?

Almost certainly! Effective marketing is all about delivering leads, and delivering leads is all about getting the right message out to the right people. How we do this depends upon your offering, and who your customers and competitors are.

How do I know if I need to update my website?

A well-thought-out website should support your organisation’s goals – delivering sales or qualified enquiries is more valuable than counting clicks. We can review the customer experience and technical platform, and benchmark against your competitors to suggest what improvements can be made within your budget.

Do I need to bother with social media for my business?

Almost every organisation should have a presence on social media. The choice of platform depends upon who your customers are, and what you want to achieve. We can help you create a clear purpose and a plan, we can train your team how to post effectively, or we can do it for you.

We’re getting overtaken by competitors, how can you help?

This is the perfect time to take stock and review your operation dispassionately. Are you losing ground because your message isn’t getting through because your competitors have a better/cheaper product/service, or something else? We’ll help you identify the problems and make a plan to rebuild your market share.

What ways can you help me improve customer service?

We can help you improve your customer experience online and in real life. We’ll find out what your customers (and staff) really think, do mystery shopping and map your customer journey. We can deliver hands-on training for your team, and make changes to your processes that put customers first.

I think I need a new logo

If you’re at this stage, it is worth really looking at your ‘brand’ beyond just the logo. Your brand is all the stuff that customers value about your business that makes your organisation unique. We’ll help you work through this to get a cracking logo, and more importantly, to extend your brand to all parts of the business – through the way you work, your tone of voice in written communications, staff uniform, email signature, where you advertise – everything.

Can 50North deliver complex projects?

If a project needs specific specialist input, we’ll harness the 50North network of associates, affiliates and all-round boffins to get the right person for the task. Videographers, digital wizards, artists, moneymen, translators – they’re all in the contact book. Unlike an agency, we won’t charge you a fee for recommending a third party. You can work with them direct, or we’ll help project manage.

What are the costs?

With 50North, you are buying our expertise for a chunk of time. Whether it’s one day or a retainer over several months, you will receive an invoice for time spent on an agreed daily rate. All employment costs (NI, pensions, tax), computing, software and telephone are included. Travel may be extra, depending upon what you require.

Costs associated with marketing projects such as placing adverts, print, manufacturing signage or buying third party services are extra. We’ll organise it, but you will usually pay the supplier direct, so you can manage your cash flow and reclaim the VAT.

50North is not VAT registered, so there’s no VAT on your invoices.

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